Top Most Famous Phoenix Tourist Attractions for Tourists to Visit Now

Phoenix’s dry climate and warm temperature have always remained the main attraction of the sun-lovers. This city witnesses high cold and snow during the winter season. It offers the best beauty of cultural attractions, best historic neighborhoods, shopping, resorts, and hotels.

Some people make their way to the Phoenix to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor events. Golfing is one of Phoenix’s first favorite sports, along with the activities of biking, hiking, or climbing. If you are visiting Phoenix for the first time, then hold your heart beats because here we are sharing a list of some to best attractions of Phoenix which you should not miss visiting in your trip:

Camelback Mountain The panoramic fantastic view right from the “hump” of the brilliant, iconic landmark has been named for its remarkable resemblance to the kneeling camel. It has been all worth scaling to the two tricky trails, such as Echo Canyon and Cholla.

Hikers can gain around 1,200 feet in the elevation to this summit which is all the more looking over the amazing city as well as Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Camelback is known out to be the most popular urban hiking spot in the Phoenix, especially in the summer season.

  • Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) tunes you right into the instrumental sounds and the headset that somehow syncs seamlessly as you will be moving through the galleries. You can grab the beauty of some cultural instruments along with the live performances of pop culture artists. Every year it hosts around 200 international acts.

  • Papago Park

Papago Park is what we are about to share next on our list with you! This park is situated just a few minutes away from downtown. It is a complete homeland of red rock buttes looped with trails and makes your offer with the scenic view from the likable Hole-in-the-Rock.

  • Desert Botanical Garden

This fantastic 50-acre desert garden’s winding paths highlight a wide variety of arid plants that are all from towering saguaros to some delicate blooms. During winter, you can witness luminaria bags as well as twinkling lights. It also features some art installations intertwined through the flora every year.

  • Taliesin West

The desert surroundings inspire this attraction. Visitors can hence walk through the rooms, or gardens, fantastic walkways, and Wright’s entertainment pavilion over the grounds while getting into interaction with some organic architecture. Taliesin West was even inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List as on July 7, 2019

  • Phoenix Zoo

Lastly, we have the Phoenix Zoo! This zoo has always remained the top favorite attraction for the kids to view around 1400 animals of different species. You can watch Sumatran tigers or feed giraffes with a close encounter and discover the local flora beauty. This destination is even famous for the recreation of fishing as in 7 acres of the stocked lagoons and scenic Papago Golf Course.